Our Philosophy

The certified nurse-midwives of Midwifery Care Associates believe in the power of presence and listening. We recognize that each woman's needs must be addressed with respect for cultural values and personal preferences. We value social support and we strongly encourage family-centered care and participation. Our goal is to help each woman meet her highest level of health and well-being throughout her lifespan.

  • We are committed to shared decision-making and personalized care delivered in a sensitive and holistic manner.
  • We emphasize safe, comprehensive, and evidence-based care for women.
  • We acknowledge the importance of a positive introduction to women's healthcare.
  • As certified nurse-midwives and healthcare professionals, we take responsibility for making your gynecological visits non-threatening, informative, respectful, and comfortable.
  • We regard the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and maturation as normal and healthy milestones that bring opportunities for self-enhancement.
  • Each woman deserves a respectful atmosphere where she can thrive in self-respect.